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Is your head spinning with a laundry canundrum?

Commercial Laundry Sales

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You have just found the right solution to every one of your laundry challenges. Call our commercial laundry sales team today!

At Mendenhall we offer:

Professional Sales Representatives

You know your business, we know ours. Our commercial laundry sales team is highly trained, down to earth, and won’t quit until the job is done right. Our team is proficient and personable. Call today!

A Large Repair Fleet

One of the reasons that Mendenhall offers the best service is because we have a robust repair fleet. We offer quick repairs to businesses in all five states that we service; Utah, Idaho, Montana, Western Wyoming, and Eastern Nevada.

Creative Design

A good laundry systems requires innovation in layout and design. From small operations to large multi-facility layouts, we have the experience and know how to design an ideal system.

A Large Territory of Service

Mendenhall Equipment Co. services the Intermountain West, including; Utah, Idaho, Montana, Western Wyoming, and Eastern Nevada.

The Biggest Brand Selection

We carry an enormous selection of brands and products that can fit your laundry plan, including; Milnor, Chicago Dryer Company, Firbimatic, Ingersoll Rand, Cissell, Maytag, American Dryer Corp., Bowe Permac, Forenta, Hurst Boiler, Hamilton Engineering, Unipress and Huesbsch.

Strong Relationships

Many of our clients chose to do business with Mendenhall nearly 60 years ago. We continue to do business with the second and third generation owners of those same businesses. The reason why is because of the relationships we have built and maintained. For us it’s all about the people.

Customer Testimonial

commercail-laundry-equipmentJet Coin Laundry has one laundromat and services over 30 apartment complexes and several routes of hotels with coin operated washers and dryers. Mike owns and operates the business. “I have used Mendenhall for 30 years. I have purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipments, and spent tens of thousands of dollars on parts.  They have been real loyal and honest, very fair with us. They have been honest and fair with me, which goes a long way. I have watched them go through two generations. I started with the dads 30 years ago. Now I do business with their sons who are running the business.”

– Mike, Jet Coin Laundry

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