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About Mendenhall Laundry Equipment

In 1958 Lee B. Mendenhall founded Mendenhall Equipment. Lee had a small dry cleaning business named “University Cleaners” in Provo, Utah, where he ran Mendenhall Equipment Company. In 1972 Mendenhall Equipment became incorporated. In 1976 Lee sold Mendenhall Equipment and the business moved to Bountiful, Utah where it stayed until the spring of 1983. Mendenhall Equipment then moved to Centerville, Utah where they grew to be one of the largest commercial laundry & dry cleaning suppliers in the west.

In 1998 Mendenhall Equipment Co. was purchased by Dana Jeppson and Neil Moyes. The company continued to provide top quality laundry and dry cleaning equipment to a wide range of businesses ranging from the small single top load washer to the large automated projects. In spring of 2004 Dana and Neil moved Mendenhall Equipment to a new building located in North Salt Lake, Utah. Mendenhall simply outgrew the old building and needed to have more space in order to better serve their customers.

Mendenhall Equipment


We specialize in providing high quality customer service, including; design, implementation, maintenance service and repairs for industrial and commercial laundry facilities. Our clients include hotels, universities, coin op businesses, hospitals, apartment complexes and more. For a free consultation, please call our office today.

What Regions Do You Serve?
Mendenhall Equipment Co. services the Intermountain West, including Utah, Idaho, Montana, Western Wyoming, and Eastern Nevada.
What Brands Do You Carry?

We carry dozens of brands. The most popular include: Milnor, Chicago Dryer Company, Fibrimatic, Ingersoll Rand, Cissell, Maytag, American Dryer Corp., Bowe Permac, Forenta, Hurst Boiler, Huebsch, Hamilton Engineering, and Unipress.

Can I Order Replacement Parts?

Yes! We have one of the largest – if not the largest – parts department in the West for commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment parts. You can contact us online, via email, or over the phone for specific inquiries.

Customer Testimonial

IHC “[The guys at Mendenhall] are personable, easy to work with, and they listen. They are concerned that we are getting what we want, and what will fill the need. They are genuine people. They are the kind of people that you like to do business with. They are honest, the kind of folks that are people first, and business second sort of thing. The parts guys are really knowledgeable, they are really good. There is very little negative I could say about them. The whole crew, the whole outfit is good. From lowest on the totem pole to the owners are great guys.”

-Daryl Jemmett, Maintenance Manager, Intermountain Central Laundry

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